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The quest for the perfect pair of jeans is often a daunting one. When you find a pair of jeans that you love an fit you just right, there is no better feeling. 

Melbourne based denim label 'Neuw' is may not be the biggest name in the denim industry yet but its story and background is one of the most fascinating and will soon be known to all. When the guys were over a couple of months ago they let us in on what the latest collection was all about; White Noise. Inspired by music that is created from raw emotion and delivered with passion. National sales manager Alex told us that their collections are based on musical heroes or moments, just look at the Iggy Skinny's or the Marilyn jeans for example. 

Ever since 2005 when Par Lundqvist had his vision to start his own brand, Neuw denim has been the process of adapting and improving on the always-loved vintage jean to make them more relative in todays fashion world and fit better than ever before. Neuw pays homeage to the heritage of denim. 

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