Ok so one of our favourite times ever is fast approaching.. those few weeks where businesses try to move as much of their stock as possible before they close the books for the year.. End of Financial Year SALES! 

Everywhere you look, stores are going to have huge markdowns - so we've come up with a few hot tips for hunting down some bargains this EOFY 

#1 Plan & look around:

Okay so big shiny posters and low prices are going to be everywhere - so HOW do you choose?! We've all made that impulse purchase on that fancy dress because its cheap and well, your brains logic just completely goes out the window. Buttttt how many of those items are still left hanging in your wardrobe with the tags still on? (We know we have AT LEAST three. Don't ask us why we haven't given them away, I mean we might wear them to that event thats coming up... maybe) 

Make a list of items you need, what stores have them, make yourself a budget and stick to it! I know this makes things way less fun, but your bank account will thank you later. (Even if you make one teeny tiny little impulse buy, we know its probably unavoidable) 

#2 Staple pieces 

If you have to splurge on something - make it a staple piece. Fashion is a fickle bitch (you will notice that with a lot of the markdowns on end of season styles) However, some stuff will be mass styles they just have too much of - so stock up on jeans, tees, knits etc that won't go out of style.

#3 Stay home

Um so this day in age you don't even have to leave your couch to get all the bargains. (hello trackpants and no makeup) Why deal with fighting for carparks, lines, crowds and changerooms when you can just 'add to cart' with the click of a button. Google is your friend this year, we guarantee your fave stores and fave clothes will all be online. Like us..  what a coincidence... shop here 

#4 Buy now, think later.

It’s the worst feeling when you go home (or close your laptop) after a great day of shopping, but only to reminisce on the one that got away. These days, nearly all stores will have Afterpay (or something similar) If you just can't scrape the cash together this week, then don't. Get yourself an Afterpay account, get all the goodies today & then pay them off over 8 weeks in 4 instalments. You're welcommmmeee. Omg we totally have Afterpay as well.. you can use it on everything here. How convenient. 


Now not that we had an ulterior motive for doing this blog or anything... *ahem* ...but we totally have some rad EOFY sales happening right now... 

Footwear Sale

Mens Sale

Ladies Sale

& set your alarms because from Tuesday the 26th we are going to have A HEAAAPPP more. You saw it here first.



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