Okay so now's about the time of the year that everyones bailing the cold in Perth and venturing to Europe. Your Instagram feed is going to be filled with Contiki snaps or romantic couple getaways. If you're one of the lucky ones getting on a plane outta the cold, we've got some travel fashion tips for you that you will 100% thank us for (Because no one told us and we had to find out the hard way)  


We've all heard it a million times.. 'tights are not pants' and usually we would agree, but any flight more than a couple of hours calls for tights over any other kind of pants. No one wants to be stuck in jeans when you're in the middle seat in Economy for a 14 hour flight, give me leggings any day of the week. Fellas, Zanerobe Sureshots or any kind of jogger pants will be your best friend, they're baggy, soft and SUPER comfortable. If you're travelling anywhere you definitely need at least 2x pairs of these bad boys. As for the rest of your get-up, anything oversized is great but basically you just don't want anything restrictive or stiff. You know that Mummy blogger that wears activewear wherever she goes? Think her outfit - except the runners, any pair of flats and you're good to go. Our normal go-to with footwear on the plane is to wear the heaviest pair we own so we save on weight/room in my suitcase!


If you're anything like us then you started packing for your month long trip like the night before you left (go on, admit it) And that's where a decent backpack is key, Herschel kits are the epitome of travel goals, with heaps of separate compartments and thick lining you are 100% safe with all your important belongings. And once you're there, they are an easy bag to chuck on for day trips and exploring.

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Lastly, you NEED a good pair of sneakers. Any Euro-trip is going to have a lotttttt of walking, so make sure you have one sturdy pair of kicks that don't give you blisters, will last you the whole trip and that can be worn on all kinds of different terrain. Vans Old Skools, Converse High Tops or Adidas Superstars are our Top 3 picks, you can shop them here 




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