According to serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, too many people today live life in the middle.
'The #1 mistake that people in life are making today is they're living life in the middle. I just say F*** the middle.' - Gary Vaynerchuk.
Insert the Gary Vee 003's, latest collaboration that Vaynerchuk has done with footwear greats, K-SwissThey have already been named the 'Sneakers for CEO's' and are aimed at the next generation of hustlers and entrepreneurs. The 'Clouds and Dirt' Gary Vee 003 is based on the iconic K-Swiss Classic 88 but for the first time it is presented in a knitted upper.
If you're not familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk & his philosophy 'Clouds and Dirt' heres a bit of a background:
It's basically a thesis of living in the clouds (macro/big picture thinking) and the dirt (day-to-day execution/the gritty side of the hustle). According to Vaynerchuk, you need a healthy dose of each and you should forget about everything else. It's how he has built his business and something he has always lived by. 
"At VaynerMedia, I tell my staff that 99% of what we deal with every day in business doesn’t matter. The politics, the process, and all the crap that doesn’t matter. The clouds matter and the dirt matters and nothing else."
The Gary Vee 003 still retains the heritage design DNA of the 3-piece toe, D-rings and rubber outsole but also employs one of Gary Vaynerchuck's best known philosophies, 'Clouds and Dirt'. This is done with the K-Swiss 3-stripe branding in alternate blue and brown, representing the clouds and the dirt. 'If you want to reach the clouds then you have to spend time in the dirt.'
The Gary Vee 003's include other hidden gems relating to the above theme, for the wearer to discover themselves. Transit Clothing is the only place you can get yourself a pair of these bad boys in WA & they JUST DROPPED exclusively online today. 
Shop them here! 


  • Do you plan on getting anymore of these shoes in stock? If so, how long would it take. Been trying to get a pair of these in Australia for a long time now..

    Matteo on

  • Hey Dylan!

    I’m so sorry but unfortunately we have sold out of this shoe now! They went so quickly.
    Your best bet would be to get in touch with K-Swiss directly and asking their other stockists in Australia/Melbourne

    Good luck!

    Transit on

  • Hey guys!!

    Please help me, I’m bloody incapable of finding where to try on a pair of kswiss so I order the right size of the gvee 003’s.

    I’m in Melbourne, do you guys possibly do returns or anything like that? Or could help me complete my mission lol


    Dylan Monks on

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