Mum's the Word!

Mum's the Word!

So its about that time again... where you scramble around the shops for that perfect candle, burn some toast and give it to Mum in bed with that shitty (but thoughtful) handmade card. Mothers Day is on Sunday!

We have so much to thank our Mums for (like... you know.. existing) so in light of that we chatted to Super-Mum Crystal Squires about Mothers Day presents, Mum-style and the whole day in general! Take a peak:


What's your ideal Mothers Day look like?

A day without toddler tantrums! HAHA. But seriously a day at the beach with my husband and our two little babes finished off with ice cream🙌🏽 #perfection 

What's your go-to Sunday outfit?

I’m a sucker for linen and jumpsuits! Or long baggy tops and denim shorts but if all else fails, I’m all about that active wear life.

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What's the best Mothers Day gift you've ever gotten? (And what's the weirdest) 

The best is, my husband actually remembering it’s Mother’s Day (insert rolling eyes emoji) but seriously I just buy my own presents because then I know I’ll be happy. This year I brought myself a set of wine glasses and a candle which says “Best Mum Ever” because some times you just have to remind yourself how bad ass you really are😉 I’ve not really had a weird Mother’s Day gift as such, but once I got a going away gift and it was a cake but it was filled with a balloon which was filled with this fart gas so when I cut into it, it literally popped and stunk, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

What do you get your Mum?

I write my mum a beautiful card and call her (we live 1300kms apart😪) to ensure she knows just how special she is and I generally get her something beauty related otherwise I treat her to breakfast when we next see each other. 

Best piece of advice from Mum?

The best piece of advice I've received from my Mum would be to just go with things, I'm a complete over-thinker and stress always gets the better of me. My Mum is so chill and goes with the flow, she's a very 'it will all work out' kind of person and she's right! It always does work out. (except if you serve me hard poached eggs, that never works out well for anyone) Omg preach it girl. But I love how my Mum doesn't stress, I mean of course she has her moments but she's SO GOOD at not letting stuff get to her for the most part.

Sum up your Mum in 3 words:

Selfless, compassionate & bestfriend. 

Do you think husbands should buy Mothers Day presents for their wives?

Totally! But I’m also not a fan of just buying things just because, I feel like a nice bottle of perfume never goes astray but other than that if you aren’t sure what she wants rather than a present treat her to dinner somewhere nice or even a nice bottle of bubbles and a picnic, quality time is so special and worth so much more than money! 


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Crystal Squires - 
Online Trainer || Nutrition Coach
Crystal is a  Mother of 2, Wife, Nutrition Coach and Online Trainer based in Perth, Western Australia.



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