Royal Wedding Dress Code

Royal Wedding Dress Code

 Okay so you just can't seem to avoid hearing about this damn Wedding no matter what you do, so we decided to jump on the band wagon. 

We've heard of SO MANY people dressing up and having parties to watch the Royal Wedding, and if you're like us (if you're not.. what do you do? seriously...) then you don't have a spare $80k like Meghan Markle to drop on your outfit, so we've come up with a list (House of Windsor approved) of ensembles to wear tomorrow. 

First up: Jumpsuits.

I mean the majority of gals are still opting for dresses when it comes to wedding style but Meghan Markle is pushing boundaries left right and centre and she's shown just how elegant a good ladies jumpsuit can be. You can bet your elegant trousers that there will be a few jumpsuits making an appearance tomorrow, so we think its a definite yes to get yours out as well.

Shop our collection of ladies playsuits & jumpsuits here


Second: Avoid white.

I mean seriously, this goes for any wedding. If someone rocked up to my wedding in a white dress I would be showing them the door, quick smart. This is the brides day you big ol' Thunder Stealer, so in the most royal way possible... GTFO.

Theres a million other coloured dresses here 


Third: No wedges. 

This rule may be a bit biased, but the lady on top Queen Lizzie isn't a fan, so leave them at home. (and hey we are with her on this one, weddges are SO 1999.)

We've got totally acceptable ladies heels here  


Fourth > Pay homage to the Brits:

Although we highly doubt he will get an invite, one of the all time best British style icons has to be Ali G - why don't you rock up to your Royal Wedding party in a bangin' chav tracksuit 

Adidas has you covered here & here


and lastly: Just wear your Wedding Dress.

My Mum is going to a party where they are ALL wearing their wedding dresses! I mean this is golden and we are all for it. Think of all the dresses from all the different years - wipe off the mothballs and take it for a spin. 

Personally we hope we see a few like this:


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