SOCCER WORLD CUP (the fashion side)

SOCCER WORLD CUP (the fashion side)

Okay so The Soccer World Cup is well under way and apart from Australia getting out and there being a few hotties in a few of the teams, my knowledge on the whole thing is pretty dismal. 

So because I know nothing about the game itself, I'm going to discuss the more important side of it (well I think, anyway) and thats the uniforms! Like um did you know that the Nigeria kit designed by Nike sold out in 3 HOURS?! Like, millions of them, all gone! I mean I guess it's cool in a retro kinda way, check it out below and let us know your thoughts!


For someone who doesn't mind checking out professional  Soccer players (for *ahem* research) I feel like its a good year for the uniforms, I'm all about the retro theme that seems to be shining through and Adidas are all over it. 


Belgiums kit is a nod to their 1984 team and I'm all about those diamonds, it reminds me of that sweater-vest that your golfing Grandad used to have and hey, vintage is in. 

Theres more patterns in the kits this year and the one that stands out has to be Croatia. I don't know if its just because gingham and checks are in at the moment (Vans checkerboards, anyone?) but it's a yes from me on this one, even though I'm CERTAIN many people won't agree. 


But one kit that I'm not a huge fan of is Peru - its SO unoriginal and just screams Beauty Pageant with that red sash thing across the front.




& even though they've been given the flick, I couldn't forget our very own golden boys, The Socceroos. Die-hard fans may prefer the green & gold but the all gold in my opinion looks fab! The scribble on the arms however, looks like it could have been done by a 5 year old. It's apparently meant to represent the waves of the ocean or something? Meh.




More knowledge on the Soccer World Cup is probably needed to truly appreciate the kits and the reasons behind the designs than what the average person has, but these are just my humble opinions. Agree? Disagree? Got a different fave strip? Let us know in the comments below!  

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