The very first Nike shoe was made with a waffle iron, well at least the sole was. Track and field coach at the time (and soon to be co-founder of Nike) Bill Bowerman was changing to an artificial running surface from cinder and needed traction as he did it, that is where the framework of the household cooking appliance came in handy. Now there’s something I bet a lot of you didn’t know.

Since then Nike has become the worlds largest supplier and manufacturer of athletic shoes and apparel in the world as well as coming in at #18 on Forbes 2015 list of most valuable brands. A lot would argue that Nike has changed quickly from athletic wear into fashion. Shoe releases today are met with the same excitement that runway shows are. Hell, Kanye Wests Boost 350 collection sold out in 15 minutes! Just recently in the Cockburn store one of our regulars told us that he has a sneaker collection at home easily worth over $350,000 with one pair of Roshe's alone costing him $7000. He also owns every pair we've ever stocked. 

It’s insane and it can be easily seen that owning a pair of Nike's and having those ticks on your feet gives you status. From toddlers to seniors, Air Max's to Roshe's, it’s obvious that the Nike craze is not fading out any time soon. At Transit we love Nike as much as the next fashion enthusiast, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to build your collection. Head over to our website or go and see the guys in store to find out how you can win free Nike's for a year!

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