‘Vans’ are so much more than a skate shoe. Almost everyone has a pair of authentics that look like the ones below, they’re an all time favourite and a brand that we can safely assume won’t go out of style.

The very first Vans store was opened in 1966. On the morning of March 16, twelve customers paid $2.49 each for a pair of shoes that were made that day and ready for pick up that afternoon. The Vans dream was born. International attention was gained in 1982 when Sean Penn wore a pair of checkered slip-ons in the film ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’. From this the brand became a worldwide phenomenon and they sold millions, even people who had never even stepped on a skateboard needed to own a pair.

33 years later Vans is a household name, you can even design your very own. The brand is all about embracing creativity, self expression and authenticity. As well as being a major fashion statement, Vans have a huge connection to art, music and street culture. From old skools to era’s, slip-ons to sk8-hi’s, Vans style always brings it. You can rock a pair with any outfit in any season and you will look fresh.

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