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Okay so the story behind Stussy probably isn't what you expect. (like, at all) A surfboard maker in the 1980's copied his uncles signature and started scrawling it on the boards he crafted. This guys name was Shawn Stussy & he's where the brand Stussy began. I wonder if he knew back then that he would eventually spawn an entire sub-culture & dramatically change the face of youth fashion? Probably not, but that's what he did. 
Not long into the 80's, Frank Sinatra Jnr jumped on board (no relation to that singer you're thinking of) and Stussy became a household name. Along with the boards they made graphic tees, hats & shorts and slung them out the back of Shawns' car, in 1984 they gave surfboards the flick and decide to focus solely on streetwear. Thankfully Shawn's parents owned a screen printing business (nice and convenient) and he'd been a pro since he was a kid, here started the overexposed graphics that soon became the signet of their tees & ads, even today.
Stussy has reached a place where people wouldn't dare question the brands relevance & staying power. Drop after drop, Stussy remains unchanged in their quality & attitude, they stand as a go-to for so many of us from all different sub-cultures. What started out for surfers has grown to hip-hop, punk kids, the club scene, streetwear fanatics & beyond. 
Here at Transit we have been stocking Stussy for years, it's one of our core brands that we just love to watch. Our latest drop has a very colour-blocking style & is simpler than collections we've had in the past. We are still in crazy love with it and we know you guys will be too! Stussy doesn't actually need this whole speal - it speaks for itself. So hit the links, check the latest tees & hoodies and see what all the fuss is about.
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