Do's + Don'ts - Dressing for a Concert.

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Ok so Perth has seriously upped its game when it comes to live music. Tyga, Gang of Youths, In The Pines, Hilltop Hoods, Rufus and Bring Me the Horizon are all coming up (just to name a few) and as exciting as that is, the issue of finding an outfit that suits such an occasion can often be a daunting one. We're here to help!

We're big music lovers here at Transit and been to a few concerts ourselves, so here are a few Do's and Don'ts we've come up with along the way. 


Do: Wear sturdy shoes. (especially at a rock gig) even if you're not dancing or moshing, other people will be. You don't want to have a broken toe as a momento from the night. On the other hand, here's one specific to the ladies: Flats, always flats. You don't want to be the one causing the broken toe, plus heels just aren't practical. 

Don't: Try and be someone you're not, just to fit in. This is advice for life really, but specifically in this case - don't be that guy who wears a Nirvana shirt when you don't know any of the songs. Some fan will point it out and ask you about the band - don't put yourself in that situation. It's uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Do: Dress comfortably, you want to enjoy the night without worrying about adjusting your outfit the whole time. Also, you'll probably be dancing or moving around the venue, dress accordingly. 

Don't: Go over the top with your outfit choice. You're going there to see a show, not be one yourself. 

Do: Bring a bag or purse of some sort. But keep it small, if its heavy and you've got all yourself in there then you are going to want to put it down. Thats when it gets pinched. A small over-the-shoulder bag to put your wallet, keys and phone is all you need!

Don't: Dress like everyone else, bring your own style to the occasion. 


These are just a few things we swear by when heading to a concert. If you guys have any other do's or font's then let us know!

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