10 Things to do on a lazy Sunday

10 Things to do on a lazy Sunday

Okay so most of the time Sundays are for hangovers, bed and comfort food. But sometimes don't you wish you made the most of it and did something different? We know we have.. Too many weekends have been wasted thanks to alcohol. So we've come up with a few new things to do on your lazy Sunday afternoon.


1. Brunch - Okay so this isn't a new thing, but its up there as one of the best things. Especially on a Sunday, head to Sayers or Stimulatte and get yourself a hot coffee and some eggs on toast. You wont regret it.

2. Host a get together - Just a low key lunch or something, don't get too crazy on the menu. The point here is to spend time with your family or friends. Easy breezy barbecues are a great option, or a girls day in pj's, chocolate and chick flicks. 

3. Get out of your comfort zone - Always wanted to start a new hobby? Learn a new skill? Take some time out while everyone else is hungover and do just that! It can be anything, get creative! 

4. Meal Prep - There's nothing worse than coming home from work after a long day, exhausted, and theres nothing in the fridge. Solution? Prepare meals for the week in advance, you'll thank yourself later. 

5. Phone your mum (or Skype) - Or any family member for that matter, that one that you always say you'll call but never get around to it. Now's your chance, Sundays are the best day for it!


Theres just a few, I mean most of us probably WILL end up doing nothing and sleep in most Sundays but hey, the options are there! If you guys have any other things you like to do on a Sunday then let us know!