Are you a sneaker-head?

Are you a sneaker-head?

We probably get too excited every time there is new sneaker arrivals.. and we are hoping that we aren't alone in this. So we've come up with a few little ways to tell if you're like us, a major sneaker-head.

1. The first thing you notice on everyone is their shoes.

2. Your parents get really mad when you get another pair of shoes. (And constantly tell you how much money you could save if you stopped buying sneakers)

3. When somebody insults your shoes, you stick up for them like they are your children.

4. Before you go out, you think for a good 10-15 minutes about which sneakers you should wear.

5. You know all the staff at your fave sneaker stores.

6. You could have bought a small car for the amount you spent on your collection.

7. You try to NEVER get any of your shoes dirty.

8. When you buy a new pair of shoes you take pictures of them.

9. You constantly look at strangers shoes when you're out walking in public.

10. You've read all these points so far and laughed and said 'oh yeah, thats me'


No judgement! We at Transit are all sneaker heads too! If you can think of any other points that make up a sneaker head - let us know!