The Happiest of Happy Hours

The Happiest of Happy Hours

Ok so this weather is getting pretty miserable. So to keep you guys in good spirits we've found out (and done the very hard research ;) of finding all the best happy hours around Perth! Theres nothing better than a beer and a parmy after work, or cheap cocktails on a Friday. So remember this list, you'll thank us after that stressful day at the office next week!

1. Bob's Bar: Sneak out of work early and head here between 4 and 5pm Monday to Thursday for $4 middis, $8 pints and $8 glasses of wine!

2. Varsity Bar: Ok so you can obviously count on a place near a Uni to provide the cheap deals - come in on a Thursday for $5 cheeseburgers with any drink purchase, or Tuesday is chicken wings night, 10 for $8 and 4 Budweiser's for $46!

3. Wolf Lane: Happy hour here starts at 4.30 on Fridays, TGIF! Cocktails are $12 and beer, wine and spirits are all $7.. winning! 

4. The Civic Hotel: A fave of ours, Thursdays are pint and parmy night. You can get both for just $15! As well as $10 jugs and $6 pizzas! All whilst enjoying the sweet serenades of karaoke night. (Yes, its as tragic as it sounds, you might need a few of those pints, but so much fun!)

5. The Claremont Hotel: $10 cocktails and $8 Fat Yaks on Saturdays. Say no more. 

6. Lost Society: Right in the city these guys have happy hour from 5-6pm Wednesday through to Saturday! Team it up with their brand new menu that has some awesome options, perfect with a cheap beer, wine or cocktail.

These are just a few that we've noticed around Perth bringing the goods, if you know of any other Happy Happy hours then let us know!