Ok so we've all been there, and its a thousand times worse for those of us that work in retail (not that we are ever hungover at work of course, nope.. not ever)  Its not a good feeling and most of the time you just waste an entire Sunday in bed. So we've come up with some of the best cures/remedies for the dreaded Sunday Hangover as well as a few tips on how to prevent them from happening at all! 

So a hangover is caused by a combination of the toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism, dehydration and the depletion of vitamin A, B & C. In other words you just drank wayyy too much on Saturday night and were having too much of a good time to act responsible and drink water in between. So you've woken up with a dry mouth, a pounding headache, feeling nauseous and dizzy - or if you're really lucky you've got a combination of all 4. But never fear! Below is (hopefully) some tips to make your morning more bearable and enough to help you stomach that amazing brunch your mums made you (without throwing it up afterwards).

- First up is the most obvious; Panadol. It simply attends to the headache, but does absolutely nothing for the level of alcohol in your system.

- Berocca: Puts the vitamin B back in, as well as the big glass of water it's mixed with. 

- Lemonade/coke: Bubbles help the nausea, liquid for the dehydration, and a caffeine and sugar hit to make you feel a bit more lively.

- Vegemite on toast: Something in your stomach is good, and salty is even better. Plus you get a Vitamin B top up. The same reasons also make peanut butter a good choice, but the oily nature might make some sensitive stomachs feel a bit gross. If you do try try this one, skip the butter and just have dry toast.

- Left over pizza/Maccas breakfast: Who knows why, but seems to work every time!

- Powerade - It rehydrates you and puts all the lost sugars and salts back into your system. The trick is to drink half when you get home the night before and the other half the next morning. 


After asking you guys - here is a few other faves that you seem to swear by!

- Ginger ale, a Troppo pack from Chicken Treat, Hair of the dog (another drink! haha), Hydratlite, Maximus or orange juice with heaps of ice.


To avoid the above list completely - Here's a few ways to stop you feeling crook on Sundays. I'd say the obvious - which is 'don't drink' but thats no fun for anyone! So the next best thing is to take a Berocca BEFORE you start drinking, this gets a reserve of Vitamin B into your system. 

- Always alternate water (or even juices) in amongst your drinks, this avoids dehydration later on and that horrible dry mouth feeling on Sunday morning. 

- Reduce the amount of sugar you drink with your alcohol - the mix of it with your drinks will accelerate the depletion of vitamins, in other words it'll make your hangover THAT much worse. 

- The 2am pig-out: Pizza, kebabs, pasta, whatever your preference is great but cheese and carbs are the best as they are a good source of amino acids. Food absorbing alcohol is a myth, however it does increase metabolism, activate alcohol absorption and increases the speed that your body processes the alcohol all round.


Hope these have been a help to those of you not feeling the best this morning! If you've got any other tricks of the hangover trade that you want to share, just let us know!