Ok so we swear it was New Year's like 5 minutes ago? Scary! But Summer is right around the corner again and everyone is freaking out about having that 'bikini body' or just being 'summer ready' in general - so we've come up with a few tips and tricks to help you feel confident about bringing in December 1st. 

Pack your lunch: Whether you're going to school/uni or work - if you make a packed lunch every day not only will you (hopefully) avoid those hot chips and lasagne's they have down at the lunch bar, have control over how many calories you consume that day, but also just think of the money you'll save. Easily $50 a week! 

Walk faster: We all hate those people that walk SUPER slow in shopping centres. Don't be that guy - you can seriously increase how many calories you burn by simply walking faster, don't be afraid to pass up those slow walkers and show them how its done!

Choose the stairs: Anytime you have the choice, decide against the elevator. It might not seem like a big thing but if you do it every time it really makes a difference -  trust us! 

Water: Seems obvious but so many people don't drink enough water every day. Always have a bottle at your desk/workplace, if you drink 1 litre a day it will ensure that you're not mistaking thirst for hunger and eat when you don't need to, it will also minimise fatigue and allow for the best function of your organs. 

Lastly, be realistic: As much as we'd all love to lose 10kgs in a week (especially coming into Summer) its not very likely. Instead maybe just strive to lose 1% percentage of your body weight each week - a healthy goal. 

These are simple and easy steps that anyone can add to their weekly routine, don't get to the beginning of summer still wanting to wear a Moo Moo to the beach - get started now, so that you can love the skin your in and feel confident with yourself. 

If you guys have any other tips that you live by then let us know!