With our MINKPINK X TRANSIT PARTY happening this Sunday we are all in party mode - and nothing improves a Summer party like a good cocktail ! Our friends at 'Pimm's' will be there and to celebrate we've come up with what we think are the best Summer cocktails - with Pimm's being the key ingredient.

First up obviously has to be the Pimm's Classic: 

Ingredients are just 1 part Pimm's, 3 parts lemonade, ice and garnished with orange, strawberry, mint and cucumber. Simple yet delicious! 

Pimm's Deuce: 

1 part Pimm's, 1.5 parts orange juice, 1.5 parts Cranberry juice and ice. Mix them altogether and then garnish with orange and strawberry.


1 part Pimm's, 3 parts pomegreat and ice. Mix altogether and garnish with orange and ripped basil. 

Pimm's Ginger:

1 part Pimm's, 3 parts ginger ale and ice. Mix these altogether and garnish with lemon and a sprig of mint.

Last but certainly not least..

Pimm's Royal: 

25ml Pimm's topped up with sparkling wine, mix together in a champagne flute and garnish with strawberry. 


These drinks are making us really thirsty! Cant wait to set up a cocktail bar over Summer and sip these by the pool. If you fancy yourself a cocktail mixologist or just have a fave that we haven't mentioned, let us know!