Okay so Festival season is well and truly upon us and for so many of us its the best time of the year! But without fail every single year there are regrets, hangovers and sunburns the day after. So to help with these we've come up with a sort of 'survival guide' for the festivals to come, some do's and dont's to make sure you have the best day possible. 


DO: Pick a place (when you first get there) to meet up with your friends. You're all going to want to see/ do different things and you're going to get separated, not to mention your phone probably won't work. Pick a place to meet so that if anything happens you know where to go to avoid un-needed stress. 

DON'T: Stress over seeing every act, you won't be able to. Set times will clash and the general happenings of the day will more than likely get in the way of your carefully planned itinerary. Let it go and enjoy the day as it comes.

DO: Drink lots of water/eat food - You don't want to be that guy in the St John's tent at 4pm by yourself because you didn't stay hydrated. 

DON'T: Get plastered straight away - passing out and missing all the best bands because you peaked too soon is just a bad life choice. (also see above about being in the St John's tent by yourself) 

DO: Wear sunscreen! Sunburn isn't fun, it hurts. Not to mention looking like a tomato in all the days photos. Not a momento you want from the day. 

DON'T: Take/wear valuables. Festivals are no place for expensive jewellery/sunnies/cameras - You're going to get dirty, pushed around and you're most likely going to lose something dear to you. Do yourself a favour and swap out those expensive Valley sunglasses for a cheap $10 pair that you wont care about if they don't make it home. 


These are pretty standard tips and tricks - but they will make a world of difference in regards to making the most of your day! Festivals are about the music and hanging out with your best mates, don't make the mistake of doing 6 tequila shots at pre's and only making it to the first act. 


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