New Years Resolution Tips

New Years Resolution Tips

Okay so we are well and truly into January and getting to the time where everyone kinda just bails on their Resolutions. We are all guilty of this, they seem like such a good idea at the end of the previous year but never really pan out so well. Ones like "I'm going to join the gym" and then you end up paying ridiculous amounts for  membership and actually only going about twice, or "I'm going to stop drinking so much" and usually only lasts till the following weekend. 

We've come up with a few simple steps to help make that New Years Resolution stick this time! 

1: Prepare: Ok first up just because its called a New Years Resolution doesnt mean you cant start preparing earlier - in fact you really should. Don't just announce something to all your friends at 11.30pm on New Years Eve after a few too many drinks, because you'll probably regret it the next morning after you realise how silly it is or how unrealistic it might be. Decide on a goal a few months beforehand and start planning. It will help you in the long run. 

2: Action Plan: You don't need to outline every second of your year into an excel spreadsheet, but just get the weekly basics down, how your resolution can work into your daily life, so you have something to go by and keep track of. For example if your plan is to quit drinking then you can note down what to do when you feel stressed out and need a drink, or if you're going out with friends and you know they will be drinking. This way you have a plan and you can feel more confident going into all situations.  

3: Start Small: New Year can turn into a bit of a circus and people can get carried away with the whole 'go big or go home' idea when it comes to resolutions. Don't get sucked into this, be smart and start smaller, you will feel much more satisfied when you actually accomplish a more realistic goal than that guy who has never left Perth but decides he's going to visit 27 countries, he wont.. Once you get a handle on whats manageable for you, you can increase the difficulty and commitment. It's not a competition, people often forget that. 

4: Team up: Resolutions can be daunting, especially alone. Don't let that put you of completely, team up with a friend of colleague who has similar interests or goals and then you can be each others rock through the hard times and enjoy all the accomplishments together. As cliche as it sounds it can really help, if you're attempting something on your own its super easy to slack off or be lenient for no reason other than thinking 'no one else will know, ill just say I did it.' But having a partner will see through that and keep you on your toes (as long as they are motivated as well). If you notice they are becoming a bad influence then abort mission completely, thats not gonna help you at all. 

5: Keep Going: If you fail once don't let that stop you. If you admit failure and completely give up then you're done, it doesn't matter if you caved once and had that one drink at a party - as long as you can get back on track. Don't make a big deal about it, or let those round you do that either, failure can really mess with your self esteem. We are all guilty of eating that bit of chocolate while dieting and then just completely giving up on the idea of losing weight. Don't let that be you, there is still so much left of 2016 - you've got this! 


If you guys have any other tricks of the trade that help you with your resolutions/keep you motivated then let us know!