Slap on your temporary tattoo, crack open a red can and get the Hottest 100 ready - Australia Day is well and truly upon us. Easily the rowdiest holiday of the year, this day has come to encompass activities such as backyard cricket, inflatable backyard pools and drinking too much alcohol. It's because of the latter of these activities that Australia Day seems to be the day with the greatest possibility of stupidity. 

So its with this is mind that we have come up with a few little tips to help you avoid being 'that guy' on Australia Day wearing the flag as a cape and just being a general drunken fool. 


Enough of the flags, please:

Flags are great and so is being patriotic - but whats not great is the amount of Australian Flag temporary tattoos that get slapped on any one person. If you're over the age of 5 then wear one, if you have to. Any more than that is serious  over-kill. Not to mention wearing the flag as a cape - this should be banned completely, you look like an Aussie Zorro bogan and thats not a good look. Flags are not to placed on (or come into contact with) the ground; therefore we strongly believe that wearing it as an alcohol-stained sarong while rapping to 360 should also be a big No-No. 


Hottest 100 etiquette:

The Triple J Hottest 100 is an Aussie tradition in most backyards on Aus Day and understandably comes with a few arguments. There are two ways all should respond to any given song (if at all) that comes in the count down, which are:

1. "Oh I didn't really like this one, I don't agree with this."


2. "Yes! Good call, love this one"

Any more than that and you're starting unnecessary drama, no need to be rude theres always next year. Stick another can on your wizard stick and move on. 


Pace Yourself: 

Don't get plastered at 10am - passing out and missing out on the days fun because you peaked too soon is just a bad life choice. You don't want to be the guy at the party that everyone has to babysit - your friends will pay you out for it forever, and they'll secretly hate you for it. By all means celebrate and have a few drinks, but theres a difference between that and power chucking in your mate Sarah's laundry after a beer bong or 12. No one likes a spewer. 


No rioting:

It's just a given, really. And on that note, Australia Day is not a free pass to talk about race and immigration. Don't bring the mood of the day down, just don't.


We've asked you guys over the past week what Australia Day means to you and what different traditions you all have for January 26th and these are a few of the responses:

"Just two words, 'red' and 'can' " - Jacob

"BBQ, beers, water, loved ones" - Sam

"Meat pies, beer, Moore River and avoiding anti-australia day Facebook activists" - Jeremy.

"Emu Export and the beach!" - Daniel

"Triple J! :) " - Devyn

"Beers, triple j, sunburn, funnels, boardies and a barbie yewwww" - Ryan

So there - theres still so much fun you can have on Australia Day without taking things too far - theres a reason why its Australias Favourite holiday! If you guys have any other traditions or comments on what Australia Day means to you then let us know!