Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Day - Ok so it may have seriously turned into a commercial holiday just used to make Hallmark millions, but hey whats so bad about a day dedicated to showing the people you love, that you love them?

If you're reading this and just had a mini heart attack then you have probably forgotten the mighty V-Day (and you're probably a guy!) But never fear! We've  come up with a few ideas for great Valentines Day gifts/activities that wont break the bank;

1.  One of the most romantic things you can do for your partner is get nostalgic, girls love that stuff. They go gaga for guys who remember details of their past, like where you went on your first date, what you ate or what you did afterwards. Recreate it! Take her to that restaurant, go on that picnic or have fish and chips on the beach again. You will thank us for this one later, trust us! 

2. Leave a little note, put it in her handbag or purse if she's going out - It doesnt have to be a novel, just something short and sweet for her to find later and go 'awwww' - sometimes its the little things that she will remember the most. 

3. Stock up the fridge (this can be a present for the guys too) Fill it to the brim with your partners favourite beer/wine/soft drink and fill the shelves with their favourite snack. Again its nothing huge but its the thought that counts!

4. Do the dishes, or take the dog for a walk - Do the chore you know your partner dreads, or just the one they normally tackle and give them a break for the night. 

5. Call your parents: Valentines Day doesn't have to be about couples, use this day as an opportunity to tell ALL the people you love that you are thinking of them. Come on, you know its been a while since you called your mum. 

6. Completely surprise her: Send her flowers or chocolates in a months time - she will not expect it at all and will show you love her all the time, not just on a day thats cemented into your brain everywhere you look. 

If you guys have any other Valentines Day ideas or things you've done in the past that have been a real hit then let us know! We hope you all have a wonderful day, no matter what you have planned!