Ok we've all been guilty of posting too many selfies or taking photos of our food at one time or another, but as Instagram has become a part of daily life for most people, we thought we'd come up with a few do's and don'ts to keep you safe from committing the cardinal sins of the gram and being the butt of a few jokes in someone else's group chat. 

Don't: Post gym selfies. We're not interested if you're 7 weeks out of your competition, we are interested in cute kittens. NEXT.

Do: Think about how your profile portrays you. It's getting to be just like Facebook - people will see your pics and think thats who you are as a person. Your bosses will search your Instagram page, do you really want that 15 second video of you doing a beer bong to be up for a future employer to see? Didn't think so. Just think first. 

Don't: #hash #tag #every #word. That's not how it works, its just annoying.

Do: Be kind, they are real people reading those #ugly comments. That's cyber-bullying, and its not okay. 

Don't: Make your instagram private. What have you got thats so private? A regular flat white with a cool filter? The smashed avo you had for brunch? Bye.

Don't: Be that guy/girl that posts love-heart eyes or inappropriate comments on someones photo who is in a relationship. Its borderline okay if they're single, but if they have a partner then its just going to cause drama. Think, you wouldn't blatantly hit on someone in a bar if they were standing with their partner (ok some of you might, ballsy.) so don't do it on the internet, keyboard warrior. 

Don't: Write something inspirational as a caption when really the agenda is to show off your body. Or tag something like 'Loving my new necklace' when said necklace is just a tiny part of the photo and it conveniently drapes over your cleavage. Its tacky, just stop. 

Do: Be realistic. If your life isn't glamorous and lavish then don't try and portray it that way. People will see right through it, especially when they come over and there is no Range Rover parked at your driveway in Balga. (And thats okay, just don't try to be someone you're not). 


These are just some of the things we've noticed recently that really grind our gears, if you guys have any others you think we have forgotten or should be aware of, let us know!