Uni Survival Guide 101

Uni Survival Guide 101

Uni is officially back in full swing and there are thousands of uni silently freaking out about the rest of their lives (or already nursing a major hangover from their first campus party last night) Either way, we've come with a few essential tips to help you through the daunting first year that is University. 


#1 Embrace Caffeine: If you've never been one to enjoy coffee, now is definitely the time to make it your best friend. Uni has a very real way of robbing you of sleep and replacing it with all-nighters. Come exam time you will be wishing there was a way to inject coffee straight into your veins. 


#2 Invest in Mi Goreng (in bulk): Not the most nutritious meal in the world, but definitely the cheapest. Nothing says 'poor uni life' quite like a meal that is less than $3 and can be prepared in 2 minutes. If you're used to fancy food, adjust your taste - at least for the next few years.

#3 If an 7.30am class is required for your major, change your major: You won't ever go. Its that simple. 

#4 Priorize: You've got a 3000 word essay due tomorrow but theres a massive party happening at the Tav.. You could totally go and then just deal with the deduction of 10% of your grade tomorrow, right? Its not that much, right? ... Wrong. There will probably be the same party on next weekend, but you wont get those marks back. Trust people who have been there and done that, its really not worth it. 

 #5 Go to class: Ok so this sounds super obvious, but with the recording of lectures these days, attendance seriously dwindles after the first week or so. People say they will just do it at home, but they wont. They'll have the slides up on their computer while they watch Netflix - thats about as close as it will get. You know whats worse than studying and going to class? Having to do the unit over next semester because you failed. Just get it over with the first time, way better option. 

#6 Make the most of discounts: (Ooh like at Transit!) Everywhere you go someone wants to give a 'student discount' make the most of it! Do the research, see where the best ones are. It'll save you butt-loads. 

#7 Remember that nerves/stress/anxiety are completely normal: Its hard to adjust to uni life, especially if youve moved away from home for it, don't know anyone, or don't even know what you want to study! Just try and make the most of it, having a balance between work, uni and a social life can seem like some kind of witchcraft but once you get that down, you'll be laughing.

If you guys have any other tips and tricks that helped/currently help you through your days at uni, then let us know!